How to Use Content Marketing for Effective B2B Selling

How to Use Content Marketing for Effective B2B Selling Blog Banner

Content marketing continues to be one of the best mediums to engage with a potential lead for many reasons. Traditional advertising does not communicate with a specific audience, whereas content marketing can directly target and lead nurture customers who are interested in your company.

4 Email Marketing Tips to Survive a Recession

Economists have been predicting a recession to happen soon, but no one expected it to be brought by way of a worldwide pandemic. With unemployment rates at an all-time high and stocks suffering, businesses have to acclimate to the changes fast to prevent bankruptcy. Many companies are getting creative and adapting to the peculiar recession […]

Why is Email Marketing a Good Investment?

Achieve a high ROI Most marketers focus their budget on outbound marketing activities but there is no guarantee all your viewers will see every ad or post. A Facebook post may only reach 2% of your followers, meaning your most dedicated fans can miss an announcement or opportunity to engage. Social media might allow you […]

A Guide to Drip Campaigns: 5 Tips for Making Successful Nurture Emails

Marketing automation is our forte, and one major feature to email software is drip campaigns. We’ve compiled five tips for making the most out of this crucial email tactic. Drip emails take the stress off the marketing team because they have a pre-designed template for specific lead generation efforts. And for similar reasons, it’s less […]

Introducing Our New eBook: Email Marketing Guide for Financial Service Companies.

Email marketing Guide for financial Service companies

Are you ready to dive deep into marketing automation for the financial industry? Check out our first Financial Services eBook dedicated to teaching marketing leaders in financing how to leverage email campaigns and strategies for their business. Have you ever wondered how progressive profiling can gain more leads? Are you unsure how many emails to […]